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Bullying  - Beyond the Schoolyard

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About the Authors

1. Cyberbullying: The New Adolescent Aggression

  • Vada’s Story

  • What Exactly Is Cyberbullying?

  • Teens and Technology

  • Traditional Bullying

  • Target Population

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

2. Cyberbullying Basics

  • Tools and Technology of the Cyberbully

  • Issues Specific to Cyberbullying

  • Mediums Through Which Cyberbullying Often Occurs

  • Common Forms of Cyberbullying

  • Online Harm

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

3. What Do We Know About Cyberbullying?

  • Our Cyberbullying Research

  • Prevalence of Cyberbullying

  • Gender Differences in Cyberbullying

  • Racial Differences in Cyberbullying

  • Age Differences in Cyberbullying

  • Victim/Offender Relationship in Cyberbullying

  • Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • Responses of Cyberbullying Victims

  • Emotional and Behavioral Consequences and Correlates of Cyberbullying                             

  • Cyberbullicide                                                                                                                           

  • Why Do Youth Engage in Cyberbullying?

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

4. Social Networking and Cyberbullying

  • What Is Social Networking?

  • Adolescent Online Social Networking

  • MySpace: The Most Popular Social Networking Web Site

  • Other Popular Social Networking Sites

  • Reported Risks of Social Networking                                                                                        

  • Potential Benefits of Social Networking

  • Social Networking and Cyberbullying

  • Our MySpace Research

  • Being Safe on Social Networking Web Sites

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

5. Legal Issues

  • Important Judicial Rulings and Legislative Actions Applicable to the School

  • Recent Cases Involving Electronic Harassment and Schools

  • When Can Educators Intervene?

  • School District Policy                                                                                                                 

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

6. Preventing Cyberbullying

  • The Educator’s Role in Preventing Cyberbullying

  • The Parent’s Role in Preventing Cyberbullying

  • The Student’s Role in Preventing Cyberbullying

  • Law Enforcement’s Role in Preventing Cyberbullying

  • Warning Signs: What to Look ForSummary

  • Questions for Reflection

7. Responding to Cyberbullying

  • Just Turn Off the Computer!

  • School’s Response to Cyberbullying

  • Recommendations for Parents

  • What to Do If You Witness Cyberbullying

  • Recommendations for Youth Who Experience Cyberbullying

  • Civil Responses

  • Recommendations for Working With Law Enforcement

  • Summary

  • Questions for Reflection

  • Concluding Thoughts

Cyberbullying Resources

Resource A: Glossary
Resource B: Recommendations for Further Information
Resource C: Cyberbullying Scenarios for Discussion
Resource D: Internet Use Contract
Resource E: Family Cell Phone Use Contract
Resource F: Cyberbullying Assessment Instrument
Resource G: Cyberbullying Incident Tracking Form
Resource H: Cyberbullying Report Card for Schools
Resource I: Cyberbullying Crossword Puzzle
Resource J: Cyberbullying Word Find
Resource K: Cyberbullying Trustee Designation


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